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3 Easy Ways to Learn a New Language Fast

Learning a language is an amazing and hugely beneficial undertaking. Not only can it help improve your job prospects but it also enhances your understanding of other cultures in a real and meaningful way. Children absorb language quicker than adults and have much less trouble learning a new language. However, there are ways for adults to enhance their ability to learn a new language. Whether you want to reconnect with your heritage, travel to another country or understand others in the workplace or home there are some flexible and effective ways to learn a new language.

New Languages

Language Game Apps:

A relatively new phenomenon, language game apps keep the user engaged and alert, challenging them to make leaps in comprehension and pronunciation. The downfall with this method of learning a new language is that there is limited scope for meaningful pronunciation feedback, but you can easily pick up the basics of a language fast. Some language game apps are better than others, and it may be worth trying a few different ones to find the app that suits you. There are also audio learning guides that can teach you conversational language.

Get Lessons:

Many community centres, school and other educational organisations offer language classes in which you can take advantage of an experienced and fluent language teacher. With this approach, you can get pronunciation feedback and engage in conversational language in order to absorb the practical elements of a language fast. The potential downside to this approach is the cost of the lessons, so shop around and see what is available in your area. Sometimes speakers fluent in the language will offer to tutor as a means of extra income and this may be a less expensive route.

Immerse yourself in Language:

It is well known that one of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. Try to surround yourself with people who speak the language by travelling overseas or even participating in community events if there is a large population of people who speak your desire language in your local area. By forcing yourself to at least attempt to use the new language rather than fall back to your native tongue your language retention will improve. Listen to audio in that language, try to understand and repeat the words you hear.

Combine the 3 elements:

Whilst one of these approaches will help you to learn a new language fast if you really want to speed up your language retention combining these elements will achieve the best results. Download an app or an audio guide, or both and practice the principals they teach you when you immerse yourself in the language. Many people use formal lessons as a springboard for using other methods such as an app. Travelling overseas is the ultimate test of your language skills and can help to develop them further.

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