English Language

Reasons why Learning English is Important

English is the most important language in the world. Why? This language is spoken in many different countries around the world. Billions of people communicate and do business in English. The English language is the world’s universal language and people who do not know English should learn it. Let’s take a deeper look reasons for learning English.

English Language

America’s Influence and the English Language:

America is considered the greatest nation on Earth. Since it is, the opportunities that lie within this country are only accessible by knowing and understanding the English language. American people communicate and do business in English.

So, a person must have a general knowledge of this language to work, get an education and to start a business. Without a basic grasp of the English language, people will have a hard time taking advantage of the benefits that America has to offer.

English is a Standard for Communication:

Thanks to the British Empire, the English language was spread to key locations across the globe. Major empires and kingdoms that the Brits conquered hundreds of years ago influenced many of the surrounding territories.

While the Brits no longer have control of their former territories, they left behind their language. Places such as India, Canada, South Africa and Ghana were all conquered by the British in the past. People in these countries still continue to speak English from this time period.

Foreigners should Learn English for Communication Purposes:

Foreigners who travel or relocate to an English-speaking territory, should learn this language. Remember, that many nations prefer to do business in English. This is a common language that makes it easier for everyone to communicate. Foreigners should also realize that English is essential for understanding the people and culture that resides within an English-speaking country.

English and Social Adjustment:

Foreigners that reside in a predominantly English-speaking culture should learn English for the following reasons:

  • It will help school-aged children to effectively communicate.
  • Minors 17 and under should take advantage of their school’s ESL language assistance to improve their ability to communicate this language. This, in turn, will help them to maximize their education and understanding of the society around them.
  • Foreign people will have an easier time transitioning to most western societies once they learn English.
  • Learning English also helps foreigners to communicate their agenda and way of life to the masses.
  • English Speakers should Improve their Language Ability:

English speakers should also improve their language ability. They should make it a point to brush up on their language skills and to improve their ability to speak well. English is not limited to just speaking. People should also make it a point to improve their writing ability. Improving the ability to speak and write well will only improve a person’s English speaking ability.

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